Friday, February 17, 2012

Congressman Gingrey Remembers the 3rd Anniversary

The picture you see of me is with Congressman Phil Gingrey of Georgia. I am including him in this entr not only because he's an all-around good guy and strong Conservative who I had the pleasure of meeting last November in Atlanta, his Facebook post just reminded me that today is the 3rd Anniversary of the Obama Stimulus Package, or the legal name: " The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act." Here is Congressman Gingrey's quote:
"Today marks the third anniversary of President Obama’s failed stimulus. The president claimed the stimulus would keep unemployment from reaching eight percent. Despite those assurances, we’ve watched our unemployment hover above 8 percent for 36 straight months. Since the stimulus’ passage, the U.S. saw a credit rating downgrade and our national debt balloon. Unfortunately, 46.2 million Americans now rely on food stamps. It’s time to change course. We need to cut and cap spending, implement a Balanced Budget Amendment, and work to create a more business-friendly climate to job creators at home and abroad."
This is just one issue the President will be running from in the fall and I hope the eventual candidate, in cooperation with the RNC, will be successful at articulating to the American people the broken promises of the stimulus, how all that money was wasted and how the solutions Congressman Gingrey endorses can be implemented to right the economic ship of the United States.

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