Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Belated Anniversary Wish to a Great Show

After seeing a Tweet appear on my BlackBerry feed earlier this evening, I feel the need to wish a Happy Belated 5th Anniversary to a great show: Fox News's RedEye w/ Greg Gutfeld!

On February 6, 2007, a new panel show that reminds me of "The Five with a two drink minimum" premiered on FNC at 2AM. Including regulars: host-Greg Gufeld, sidekick-Bill Schultz and Ombudsman-Andy Levy, the show also features a panel of rotating guests who speak about and analyze the issues of the day; whether serious or fun. As the years have progressed, the show has since moved to 3AM Eastern, (thank goodness for DVR) and is the highest rated show in its time slot, while beating out shows from competing networks in Primetime/drive time slots.

Assuming The Calling to Lead, one day, gets published and someone decides to one day pay me for my political analysis, this is the show on which I hope to appear. They all seem to have so much fun! Hopefully, I can be as memorable as some (skip to 4:30), I know the "leg chair" doesn't apply to me (and thank goodness for that) and I could only wonder how Greg would intro me.

Happy 5th, RedEye, and best wishes for another five, and beyond!

NOTE: Pic above is of me with frequent RedEye guest, writer/pundit Jedediah Bila.

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