Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obama National Security Lunacy

In this Election Year, President Obama continues to work to shore up his left flank. Today, news comes out that the president wishes to cut the nuclear arsenal of the United States by up to 80 percent, which if completed, will bring the American nuclear arsenal to being smaller than China's! There is only one thing to call this: lunacy!

Those on the left have endorsed a reduction in nuclear weapons in the past, including this president, as he wrote in a 1983 New York Times article, which, due to his Mainstream Media protection, few know this article exists. Thankfully, the policies and ideas of Ronald Reagan prevailed, and the nuclear freeze failed. With that failure, the United States has benefited, as it was one of the reasons we won the Cold War! Ronald Reagan professed a policy of peace through strength; whereas the United States will possess a strong military and contain the most modern technology to show our enemies that we are strong and a force with which to be reckoned. That showing of strength would deter attacks by the enemy, as the enemy would realize the United States would retaliate with the full force of its military.

As Iran flexes its muscles, builds up its nuclear strength and provokes Israel, while this administration does nothing, it shows the world is still an unstable place, and will put America in a dangerous place. Those who America does not look upon with a perfect trust will undermine America, as a result of her perceived weakness. The ramifications among America's enemies will be worse, as they only respond to military strength; a strength that will be lessened. To take that strength off the table invites disaster and war around the world.

America can still thank Carter's naivete for the Iran problem to this day, and if this reduction goes through, we can thank Obama for a future of instability and world war.

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