Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Left: Fixated on & Obsessed with Sarah

They can't get enough of attacking Sarah Palin!

Now HBO gets its shot, as the HBO Original Movie, Game Change, will premiere March 10, on the network. Julianne Moore's depiction of Palin, based on the book of the same name, (Which I read, and it does not focus on Palin. While examining all parties involved in the 2008 election cycle, it actually provides some eye-opening analysis and evidence of an under-reported Clinton-Obama rift.) as seen from the previews, is highly negative and in response, supporters and current/former employees of the former Governor/VP Candidate question the accuracy of the film.

Four years after her selection as the GOP Vice-Presidential Candidate, those on the left are still very, very threatened by Sarah Palin. It is clearly exhibited in the venom with which they attack. They don't just want to minimize her, they want to destroy her! And what happens after a significant attack by the left? She comes back stronger and stronger! If you take a look at the reception she received at CPAC 2012, I rest my case.

I predict the same thing to happen after the movie is aired. Julianne Moore may win something for it (Anyone who attacks Palin, from Tina Fey to Katie Couric, gets pats on the back and awards from their liberal friends), but the people will express their dissatisfaction, and the movie will go the way of Recount. Despite HBO's shot, Sarah Palin's support will expand, as she will continue to be considered one of the most fearless, gutsiest, and most consistent conservatives America has seen since the days of Ronald Reagan!

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