Monday, April 2, 2012

Rule My Way or Else...

Everyday this president makes a speech, he lowers the prestige of the office. Today, he continued in this fashion.

Having a clear problem with the Constitution and also the Constitutionalists on the Supreme Court who may declare his precious ObamaCare unconstitutional, he spoke today, accusing the a decision to overturn the law "activism" while indirectly "community organizing" the "pitchfork crowd" to let their presence be known on the steps of the Supreme Court.

His comments, besides being false, (Except for Cao in the House, NO Republican voted for this mess) were also historically inaccurate, as there is a precedent for judicial review, as Marbury v. Madison taught us. Judicial activism is putting one's own political interests in front of the Constitution, something this president and some members of the bench have clearly done.

History does not treat kindly presidents who think they are bigger than the Supreme Court, so I say bring it on! Maybe this will be a step in the right direction to making sure American voters send him back to Chicago this November!

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