Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ObamaCare: Ready for the Fireplace?

After three days of historic argument in front of the Supreme Court, ObamaCare looks, to many observers, to be on life support.

The US Supreme Court is the big leagues and the majority of these justices took this 2700 page monstrosity apart! Justice Scalia provided a little honest humor at one point, while Chief Justice Roberts provided a clear comparison as to why ObamaCare is in Conflict with the Tenth Amendment, while Justice Kennedy, who could be the vote that decides the fate of ObamaCare, put forth some tough questioning.

On the Liberal side, Justice Ginsburg lobbied to save parts of the law, while Justice Breyer alluded to the constitutionality of the law, while Justice Kagan, who should have recused herself and should face impeachment for her upcoming ruling on a conflict of interest, also defended ObamaCare in her questioning, as well as directed credit toward Romney, for ObamaCare.

Very telling was the unprepared nature of the Solicitor General, even needing a bailout from a liberal justice. In my time as a professional, I've learned whether speaking in front of a crowd or educating a class, you must always go in prepared and doing so allows the presentation to be received more positively. To prepare for months and look like a law school dropout is very sad. This cannot be good for the fate of ObamaCare.

The position of "The 'Right' Solutions" is that ObamaCare is unconstitutional as it forces Americans to purchase a product and enter a market; clearly against the 10th Amendment. Therefore, the whole law fails as it cannot be enforced. While it is very hard to predict the outcome of the Supreme Court, I'm going to go out on a limb here: ObamaCare will be declared Unconstitutional by a 5-4 decision and its ramifications will greatly weaken this president by the time the general election arrives.

And now, we wait until June...

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