Monday, March 19, 2012

The Warm Weather's Here, Time to Come out of Mommy & Daddy's Basement

The image above is of Zucotti Park in peaceful times; the day of the Giants Victory Ticker-Tape Parade.

After Mayor Bloomberg let them fester and grow like a disease on its host for two months, he finally decided to clean the sludge out of Zucotti Park last November, and combined with the cold weather, the little Occupy Wall Street rubes went back to Mommy and Daddy's basement. It's 80 in New York and spring starts tomorrow, so guess what: they're back! The rubes tried to "occupy" Zucotti Park, but thankfully, Mayor Bloomberg was having none of it, as he sent the New York City Police Department to clear the park.

Knowing what these people have done in New York, whether defecating on police cars or committing acts of rape, their behavior is destructive and dangerous. The same goes for other "occupy" protesters in Washington DC and Oakland. As a result, the NYPD and city politicians should continue to have a strong resolve, not cave to their fake calls of police brutality and give these people no leeway whatsoever! "The 'Right' Solutions" salutes the NYPD for a job well done, as well as the New York City politicians who allowed the police to do their job to keep that Lower Manhattan neighborhood as nice and clean as it is, on any normal day.

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