Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sarah Strikes

With Game Change premiering on March 10, there has been much talk about Julianne Moore's false portrayal of Sarah Palin and the movie being a two hour attack piece. True to her nature, Sarah Palin gives a pre-emptive strike 9 days before the movie.

Never put it past Sarah Palin to show guts, strength and no fear to set the record straight. Truth is that had Sarah Palin not been on that ticket in 2008, McCain would have lost by much bigger numbers. She is responsible for galvanizing conservatives in 2008 (60,000 at a rally in Florida, energetic crowds in Virginia, etc) and four years later, as proven by the reception she received at CPAC 2012, she continues to do so, and I believe, will have a following for years to come!

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