Saturday, March 3, 2012

Contraception: The Great Farce of Obfuscation

While watching the debates in January, George Stephanopoulos asked a question about contraception, which produced a collective "???" from not only Republicans watching, but the candidates. Days after, we were still scratching our heads as to why this came out of left field, but it looks like Dick Morris called this: they want to create the impression that Republicans will ban contraception, as it replaces abortion as a rallying issue for leftists. Obama and his leftist allies piled on, attempting to force the Catholic Church to betray its religious principles in providing contraceptive coverage to its employees. And smartly done, Catholics and Republicans did not fall into his trap, instead, jumping on the truth that this ObamaCare initiative is a clear violation of free practice of religion. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York City has become a strong, charismatic voice against this initiative and who knows, it may very well lead to him one day becoming the first American Pope!

The farce continued last week with this ridiculous sob-sob story from a Georgetown Law student who can't afford contraception methods because Georgetown, a Jesuit University, won't pay for it in their student healthcare plan. Instead, she believes American taxpayers should be forced to pay for her fun. After Rush told it like it was, the fangs came out from the leftist/NOW types, strong arming his sponsors to drop his show, which led to him apologizing for his slut comment. (I am surprised he apologized, but I think the decision came down to the loss of four sponsors.) The president has rallied to this woman's side, applying his "social justice" initiative to this over-sexed 30 year old who thinks she is Elaine Benes and doing so has turned off many Americans, less for his acceptance of her social behavior, but more for the reasons of endorsing that taxpayers and religious institutions pay for it.

When looking deeper, this controversy is clearly a fabricated farce to turn leftist, moderate and independent attention away from this president's economic record, high unemployment, possible unconstitutional benchmark legislation and out of control spending. The media and feminists will, of course, carry the water for Obama, but it is up to the voters to realize this contraception issue is all a farce! Those who get it should educate those who don't get it, and make this president attempt to defend his dangerous economic policies. Together, the American voters must act accordingly in November to end send this president back to Chicago!

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