Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Answering Back...Better Late Than Never, I Guess

Last spring, Democrats aired a lie-filled ad criticizing Congressman Paul Ryan and using "Medi-scare" to advance their agenda.

Finally, a group called American Doctors for Truth has answered back.

This ad is effective in not only responding to last year's hateful anti-Ryan ad (and this response should have come out last year) but it reminds voters about ObamaCare, as its "big deal" two year anniversary approaches. Since the president is not doing anything to observe this anniversary, this ad proves to be even more effective in articulating the ramifications of ObamaCare.

Let us hope this ad goes viral, further reminds voters about ObamaCare and that ObamaCare doesn't see a third anniversary, as could be determined by the Supreme Court this summer.

Way to go, American Doctors For Truth, in attempting to save your profession and America's healthcare system!

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