Monday, March 19, 2012

Peyton Maning gets that Mile-High Feeling...What About Tebow?

The GIANTS may have won the Super Bowl and the season may have ended, but that surely does not mean the NFL is out of the news.

Earlier this month, the Indianapolis Colts decided not to retain Peyton Manning by not exercising a required payment in his contract, thereby making him a free agent. After one of the classiest good-byes I've ever seen a player give, various teams shuffled to sign him, but in the end, the Denver Broncos won the Peyton Manning sweepstakes and will sign him. While they gain an all-star quarterback who has won mulitiple league MVP awards, one Super Bowl and who has been the focus of a stellar offense throughout his career, they will likely lose Tim Tebow, a young quarterback who may not be the strongest pocket passer, but is quite mobile for his size and has the potential to improve.

I wish the Broncos the best with Manning, as it's a high risk with a high reward when one considers his injury. For Tebow, I'm a big fan and I wish him all the best as well in his likely new team. So far, we've heard possible trade rumors with the Jets and Dolphins, but I truly hope he ends up with the Jacksonville Jaguars. This franchise has been lagging since Tom Coughlin was fired (which Giants fans appreciate) and bringing in Tebow to lead the team, located near his childhood home and quite close to his college, the University of Florida, will rebound the fortunes of the Jacksonville Jaguars! There will be a renewed interest in the team and they will begin to sell tickets again, being able to actually use all the seats in their stadium. Now we have to see if the new owner, Shahid Khan, will back up his words with action.

Both men are good citizens for the NFL, strong leaders, class acts and should be considered role models for other players, so I wish them all the best with their new teams.

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