Friday, March 23, 2012

Hopey-Changey Rears its Ugly Face

Inside the gate pictured above is a wonderful university; my alma mater, Drew University-one of the New Jersey's best and one the America's most successful Liberal Arts Universities. I had a wonderful and memorable experience there; a feeling I am sure a majority of its graduates feel. Recent graduates of Drew, like the graduates of every other college in the United States, are being ravaged by "hopey-changey:" the results we were told were going to occur as a result of the economic, political and social agenda pursued by this president.

An article appeared in the New York Times, surveying selected members Drew's Class of 2011 and where they ended up after college. Some of these stories are very sad. I truly feel for these kids and as a graduate of this university, I wish I had the power to help out each and every one who isn't where they want to be.

That being said, I am going to look at the root cause and the sad fact is that many young Americans, 22-30, brought this upon themselves in 2008 by voting for "Hope and Change." They bought into the con, ate it up and what happened? Higher taxes, out of control government spending, and ObamaCare's passing have stifled job growth, not only for all Americans, but for America's youth, which has ramifications beyond making money in a job they love.

My advice to these young voters: VOTE THIS PRESIDENT OUT! Ignore the socially-progressive teases with which he may tempt you, the race-baiting, the hate-mongering and the fake victimolgy. Stick with the Gen-Xers, the soon to be leaders of the 9-11 Generation, and follow our lead. When voting in 2012, worry most about those important pocket book issues that will have an impact on your financial well-being, your career (or lack thereof) and your childrens' chance to make it on their own! After this election, pursue the principles of self-reliance, rugged individualism and self-determination. Whoever the Republican is that may win, in November, will endorse those principles more so than this president, and the economic situation in the United States, as well as among your age group, will improve. Once you find that job you paid over $50,000 per year for which to prepare, do for yourself and don't allow yourself to be supported by anyone; be it government, your parents, etc.

Remember, in these four years, you may not have achieved your dreams, you may have had to take a new path or two and you may not have become as self-sufficient as planned. Those factors will contribute to a learning experience, but most importantly, there will be some political lessons learned: your vote matters and because it matters so much, DO NOT allow yourselves to fall into another political "hopey-changey" con, and work with the eventual "9-11 Generation" in teaching subsequent generations to not make the same mistakes you made!

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