Sunday, March 18, 2012

You Want to Vote? Let me see your ID

Another issue is out there that the Democrats are trying to take advantage of to turn the voters' attention away from Barack Obama's disgraceful management of the economy, the high unemployment rates which have only grown higher under his watch and out of control spending is the voter ID issue.

Last week, the Justice Department decided that the voter ID law Texas has on the books was unconstitutional and as a result, stepped in to block it. This action from the current Justice Department is nothing new, as they've already tried to do the same in South Carolina and have their sights set on states that require photo IDs.

When, in 2012, we look at the every day things we do; whether driving, getting pulled over for a moving violation, getting on an airplane, Amtrak, buying liquor, getting into an R-rated movie, applying for a job, going to a doctor, checking into a hotel, making bank transactions, applying for a credit card, purchasing a car, registering a car, donating blood, purchasing a firearm, writing a check, purchasing an annual pass to Disney, applying for a library card or purchasing a house, one needs to present a photo identification. It is a part of every day life and for an action that is so instrumental in the direction a government takes, not presenting an identification to vote is ludicrous!

Let's look at history to tell the truth: it's Democrats who have a problem with voter fraud; whether in 1960, 2000, or today; as Breitbart's/O'Keefe's investigaton on Acorn proved, along with O'Keefe's current investigation of Vermont. This focus by the Democrats is clearly revisionist in nature and also creates a victim group; falsely blaming the Republicans for that particular "victim's" struggle, in the interest of gaining votes for this president in November. This move is clearly transparent, considering they are not moving it through the courts; as they know they'll lose.

These states have to do their parts to defend their constitutional laws, but the bigger issue is that the Republican candidates must not allow this president to run from his record by creating phony victims; whether Hispanics in Texas, women who are on birth control, etc.

The president has a record; a very bad one, and he needs it to stick to him so voters can make their clear choice in November!

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