Thursday, March 8, 2012

Super Tuesday: Marching On

Super Tuesday 2012 has come and gone and because of the rules instituted by the RNC, the primary process continues on. As a result of the proportional distribution of delegates, even the candidates who lost a given state still won some delegates. Mitt Romney had the most wins and the largest gain in delegates, followed by Rick Santorum in the Southern Super Tuesday States and Newt Gingrich in Georgia.

One of my friends is accepting Romney resignation and some in the media are as well. While that is very likely, we must remember that the primary is moving into the South, where Romney will not perform as strongly, considering he is not viewed as a Consistent Conservative. Furthermore, proportional distribution will continue until April. This show is far from over and I'm one to believe that's OK. These candidates have grown stronger and have moved further to the right. Whoever wins this will have a massively funded Obama/Democrat/mainstream media machine after them, at any cost, willing to protect this president. It would suit them best to be ready for the incoming flak they are about to receive. And if that means returning fire in the primaries, so be it. We just hope they use the same tactics to win the primaries in the general, as statements like this don't give conservatives confidence.

I've said it many times, ladies and gentlemen, this is far from over.

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