Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dick Cheney Gets a New Heart

Big news today and some great news today for someone who has been in politics quite a long time. After his recent announcement that he was on a list to receive a new heart, Former Vice President Dick Cheney underwent heart transplant surgery to get that heart! This is great news for a great man who has struggled with heart disease for years.

Allow me to tell my story of my Dick Cheney encounter, while also relaying a lesson to you, my readers. As a Senior at Drew University, I was President of Drew's College Republicans and at the same time, I worked on the New Jersey Bush Campaign. Working closely with the New Jersey Chairmen, I was included in many meetings, events and political encounters. One such was a fundraiser featuring Dick Cheney held at the Hanover Marriott in New Jersey. At this fundraiser, I had the chance of meeting him and talking with him for a few moments.

While this was a great experience, it could have been more! As cell phones weren't as much a major communication device as they are today, I turned mine off when I had another commitment or was not expecting a call. That day, I had a full load of classes and as a result, the phone was off. When class ended, I received a voicemail message from one of the NJ Bush Chairmen to come to the office and take a ride to Newark Airport with him, as I was to be included to ride in the limousine/motorcade with the Former Vice President. This message, however, was left early in the morning and I missed my chance. From this experience, I learned my lesson to always leave my cell phone on and as a BlackBerry owner, I do it to this very day and recommend to my readers that you all do the same!

Again, great news about Dick Cheney and "The 'Right' Solutions" would like to wish the best to the former Vice President and his family!

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