Friday, March 2, 2012

Democrat Version of 9-9-9

Herman Cain gained much attention from his 9-9-9 plan, but it looks like the President has his own ideas for 9-9-9, but not the kind we like.

As the price per barrel of crude oil continues to rise, Americans are paying for it here through ridiculously high gas prices, higher costs for airfare and likely higher prices on other goods soon to follow.

One would think that a president and his Cabinet would do something to curb the prices and ease the suffering of Americans, but clearly not this president. Last week, Obama gave a speech where he doubled down on his refusal to allow for domestic drilling and accepts the position of being held hostage by the oil producing OPEC nations. Furthermore, his Secretary of Energy did not state a top priority was to lower prices. Secretary Chu's admission leads many to believe high gas prices are part of the plan to force the Obama Administration's Green Agenda on Americans. When we see government bending over backwards with funding, society making fun of green energy and a lack of private investment, we know we are not there yet. This is clearly an important issue for the election, so much so that former President Bill Clinton is speaking out about it.

Americans who are paying the price now to put gas in their cars, travel across the country, and will likely be paying higher prices for groceries, at restaurants and at hotels, must remember this in November and make the president pay in that election by voting him out so that $2.50/gallon and below is more of a reality that $9.99/gallon!

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