Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Did I Predict the Placement and Location of the New San Diego Chargers Stadium?

As many of you know, I am currently shopping my manuscript titled The Calling to Lead and a while back, I wrote about the manuscript's connection to the city of San Diego.

This evening, I was doing a little internet surfing and I came across a revised plan for the yet to be built San Diego Chargers Stadium. If you look at the picture above (taken from my room in the Omni San Diego Hotel), the new stadium will go right about where you see the railroad tracks along the San Diego Bay, due south of the Hilton Bayfront hotel (building pictured on the right) on reclaimed industrial land. The significance of this news is that when writing The Calling to Lead, I planned for the new stadium, which will play a significant role toward the end of the book, RIGHT IN THAT SPOT along San Diego Bay!

Qualcomm Stadium, the current home of the San Diego Chargers in Mission Valley, has long outlived its usefullness. If the plan eventually does go through and the new Chargers stadium is built on the spot I described in The Calling to Lead, it will be nice to say that I made this prediciton!  

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