Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tim Tebow to the New York Jets?

Peyton came in to Denver, so we know what that means...Tebow is on his way out.

And news broke today that he is out; being traded to the New York Jets. The trade, however, has not yet been finalized due to the recapture language in Tim Tebow's contract, where the team that acquires him is required to pay the Broncos back the incentive salary they have advanced Tebow.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have always been a Tim Tebow fan. He has so much potential to be a star quarterback and once he improves his pocket passing, which I believe he will, look for him to lead a team to some Super Bowls. This young man is a leader, he is humble and he is the good citizen the NFL needs, and the Jets need, especially after the tumultuous season.

With the Jets attempting to acquire Tim Tebow, he will primarily be a Wildcat Quarterback, due to his mobility and the fact that the Jets now have Tony Sparano as their Offensive Coordinator, who best used the Wildcat offense his first year in Miami.

This month, the Jets extended their starting quarterback, yet to bring this young man in, who has potential to be a starter and an incredibly large fanbase, sends mixed signals to Sanchez and a quarterback controversy will ensue once Sanchez lays an egg, further dividing the team. The front office and coaching staff further complicated the situation.

The Jets organization is a tad dysfunctional now and I don't think it's the best place for Tebow to grow as a player. Furthermore, he is not a backup quarterback, he is a starter. Just look at what he did in Denver during the 2011 season. Therefore, if this trade falls through, I will have no hard feelings and hope to see Tim Tebow go home, to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The coaching staff and front office is more stable, plus he will likely be a starter and resurrect that team.

Something tells me I will be posting updates to this blog entry.

UPDATE, 9:45PM, 3/21/12: The trade is complete, Tim Tebow is heading to the New York Jets.

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