Monday, March 26, 2012

Rick Santorum's "Adam Clymer Moment"

George W. Bush, back in 2000, had a bit of a campaign battle with the New York Times. That clip got quite a lot of play and was continually and humorously referenced by the president. Twelve years later, there was this exchange between Rick Santorum and New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny.

Rick Santorum was attempting to draw the connection that BECAUSE of RomneyCare, Mitt Romney is the worst choice to run against the president, and as the case is being argued in front of the Supreme Court, that connection is being further highlighted by Democrats. To create some acrimony between Republicans, Zeleny asked the question and I give Rick Santorum a lot of credit for calling him out on this one. That 'fire in the belly moment' not only showed some much needed gravitas on Santorum's part, but as a result of Santorum's response, "Are you reporting the truth or are you here to spin and make news," clearly puts into perspective the trust issue that Americans have with the mainstream media. Checkmate, New York Times.

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