Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Brietbart: 1969-2012

The one thing I will always remember that my parents taught me: if you believe in it, if you are passionate about it, advocate for it, fight for it, and don't be afraid of the consequences of doing so! This is something I have done in my life, be it professionally, politically or in support of family and friends. It makes me a stronger person and a person who is proud enough to say that I will NEVER compromise my moral and belief structure. I look for this quality in other people and definitely found it in Andrew Breitbart.

Today, Andrew Breitbart suddenly and sadly passed away at the too young age of 43. This Conservative fighter never backed down from a fight and inspired through his words. The address he gave at CPAC this year was quite memorable.

In his autobiography, Breitbart wrote about the accidental nature of his rise: getting fed up with the liberalism around him; whether what he experienced in his youth in Southern California or in college at Tulane, then using technology to his and the Conservative Movement's advantage. And what a rise it was! He utilized those technological advances and combined them with his "No Fear Nature" to take down ACORN, offer his $100,000 challenge, to prove a lie, and spread the news about Anthony Weiner that led to his resignation in disgrace from Congress. Furthermore, he wanted others to follow his lead, as he explained in the close of his autobiography; preparing future Conservative activists for the process.

I've always said that one's effectiveness can be judged by the words of enemies, and just by reading his Twitter feed, the crazies come out to destroy Breitbart; and he wore it with pride. And in death, they're still there, which makes me both sad and angry that such vitriol can be in one's heart, especially in the light of one's death.

But most importantly, his vitriolic haters further inspire the spirit of Andrew Breitbart: to keep going and never back down, with a fervor and energy which Breitbart carried himself, to achieve the goal of defeating liberalism.

May God Bless Andrew Breitbart and his family for this terrible loss of this Great American and leader within the Conservative Movement.

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