Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two Big Endorsements

In the past 24 hours, Mitt Romney received two big endorsements.

About one hour ago, Fox News JIP-ed a press conference from former president George HW Bush's Houston office where he and Barbara Bush endorsed Romney. Considering the First Lady's previous comments, and the the support his son Jeb, and the belief that Romney is the "establishment candidate," this is no surprise.

An even bigger endorsement is that of Florida Senator Marco Rubio, made last night on Hannity. Also expected, this endorsement speaks volumes, as Rubio is a Consistent Conservative, articulate speaker and highly favored choice for VP. The VP buzz was definitely noticed at CPAC last February. If Mitt Romney is the candidate, Rubio will provide the Conservative stature Mitt Romney needs to move forward in the General Election, will be further insurance that Florida will go red in November and will allow the Republican Party a greater potential to garner a majority of the Latino vote. Marco Rubio claims he is not interested in being the VP, but let's be honest, if asked, he needs to do it for his country and will be the best choice for that position.

Support may be getting stronger for Romney and he may be getting closer, but this is the most unconventional primary season in a very long time and as a result, is far from over!

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