Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Political Implications of Trayvon Martin & Jumping to Conclusions

We've seen the "Republican War on Women," the "Republican War on Hispanics" and now the Republican War on African-Americans; all created in the interest of diverting Americans away from this president's radical agenda over the past four years, while preventing him from defending his awful record! Like the other two, the newest "War" is in the process of unraveling.

Many have suggested that I analyze the Trayvon Martin case, but I have delayed writing about it because more information needed to come out to get a better picture. Incidents like the Duke Lacrosse case, and the Richard Jewell investigation have taught me to examine all factors before taking a stand.

When this broke, early news reports stated George Zimmerman shot the unarmed young man who was "suspiciously" walking through a gated community in Sanford, Florida; due north of Orlando in Seminole County. Early evidence against Zimmerman raised a lot of questions, specifically the 9-1-1 dispatcher's comments about following Martin. That early evidence also gave the opportunity to polarizing individuals from Al Sharpton, to the New York Times, to the New Black Panther Party, to the President, (Who should have learned to wait until the investigation is complete so as to not make a fool of himself) to use this sad story as a political football to further divert the attention of the American people, fanning the flames for racial division to have ramifications this November.

The Sanford Police Department, Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Bondi, (Her office doesn't have jurisdiction in this case because the incident took place in only one county, as opposed to crossing lines into neighboring Orange, Brevard or Volousia Counties.) rightly so, put the investigation in charge of officials independent of Seminole County who will then make a determination about whether or not Zimmerman acted in self-defense and is protected under Florida law. From that decision, the final determination will be made as to whether or not Zimmerman will be indicted. The story has grown even more complicated with news of Zimmerman's testimony to the police, the corroboration of his story by a witness and his background, both political and ethnic, that squashes the theory of this being a racially motivated act.

As the news continues to come out, the picture is more clear, but we're not there yet. So if I may, I'd like to pass on a message to all those who are trying to use this tragic shooting for their or their political allies' political gain: knock it off! Did you all say that our rhetoric is too coarse? Witnesses and George Zimmerman himself have to live in fear while the case is investigated, and that is a shame. Everything seriously needs to be toned down, and the president could be a great influence to others in doing this. Those who have involved themselves in this sad incident need to think not of the orchestrated political ramifications of this case, and their selfish reasons for ratcheting up the rhetoric, but of the life lost and lives forever affected by the events of that day.

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