Thursday, April 5, 2012


Let's be honest, I hate calling the President of the United States a liar, as I have respect for the office, but with this clip you will see, I can't help giving my readers a little honest analysis.

This demagogic rhetoric is not only disgusting and appeals to the lowest common denominator, but it's dishonest. The dishonesty draws an untrue caricature of Republicans that liberals and the media have tried to draw for years. This rhetoric cheapens the office and little does he know, it takes away his (what I believe to be a flawed belief) "nice guy status," as well as his "Presidential" status that is a great assistance in helping an incumbent president win re-election. What we are seeing is a president who CANNOT run on his record because it is either (a) a trainwreck or (b) likely unconstitutional. This president was supposed to be a uniter. Hope and change has turned into divide and conquer. He's spewed this BS before, but it's getting nastier and even more dishonest as we approach 2012.

Thankfully Republicans like Paul Ryan have responded, combatting the lies of Obama, and hopefully he leads the way. Republicans MUST do the following if they want to gain support come November:

- Republicans must NEVER accept the premise of a leftist
- Republicans must never be afraid when campaigning
- Republicans must always use a campaign as a teachable moment
- Republicans must counter Obama and when going on offense follow the
  Reagan Model

I'd like to ask my Conservative friends to be vigilant in making sure our Republican leaders do this and would somebody PLEASE tell Mitt Romney to stop calling this president a "nice guy?!?" If the Republicans follow my suggestions, I'm believing more and more every day, Obama's lies will be effectively combated and this will be winnable, no matter who the candidate is!

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