Friday, September 7, 2012

Closing Night at the DNC

Mos Eisley (aka the Democrat National Convention) had its final night and we heard from some empty and angry speakers tonight.

On the high note, Gabby Giffords led the Pledge of Allegiance (and mentioned God), but at the same time, it was also sad to see how her life has changed as a result of that sludge who did that to her. From there, it was all downhill.

Charlie Crist showed he's a sore loser, John Kerry also showed he's a bitter, sore loser, while giving his audition speech for Secretary of State, Caroline Kennedy showed why she didn't get selected to serve out Hillary Clinton's term in the Senate, as well as her being a self-loathing Catholic and her true disdain for Obama, as noted in her delivery, and the Hollywood actors droned on about their crush on Obama. I'm going to touch upon the big two speeches tonight: Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

1. Joe Biden

Of all the speeches in the Democrat National Convention, and the bar isn't that high, his was the best. When speaking of his family, he did show compassion, yet when he transitioned into policy, that's where he lost me. While he channeled the fire, bombast and brimstone, for which he is well-known, he also got a little emotional, channeling Al Gore's 1996 Democrat National Convention speech. And like Joe has a tendency to do, he showed hypocrisy when talking about the military and exaggerated when he talked about GM, Medicare and Bin Laden - I have a big problem when pols give Barack Obama credit for killing Bin Laden, when it was Seal Team Six who was there, in Pakistan, risking their lives to kill that barbarian. It is unfair to them and this point needs to be emphasized! Surprisingly, there was not as much heat on Mitt Romney, as Joe is known for and more fawning of Barack Obama. He wasn't his usual self...maybe he's got the Paul Ryan debate on his mind.

2. Barack Obama

In 2008, Barack Obama came into Invesco Field, in front of 80,000 people, with his soaring rhetoric, causing so many to cry and faint. Flags were waving (and later tossed aside), Oprah was crying, and Americans mesmerized. Four years later, there was still some crying and flag-waving (and hopefully the Boy Scouts will be around to help), but the venue was downsized and the rhetoric wasn't soaring. It was petulant, mean-spirited and angry. It showed vanity, obfuscation and downright lies. The "I" count was pretty high and he took credit for a lot of things he did not do. You saw the left leaning through the prosecution of oil companies, promise of Americans paying their "fair share," but you saw the big leftist wins in ObamaCare and the stimulus never mentioned. In his attacks of Romney and Ryan, he brought up the same old lines: Republicans want dirty air, water and want to kill old people, while leaving children with Downs Syndrome and Autism behind (unsaid: that's what abortions are for). Furthermore, he lied about Republicans and played his same old straw man argument. Some of the attacks were downright laughable, like calling Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan inexperienced...I repeat BARACK OBAMA, who served in the US Senate for four years before being elected president, called Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan inexperienced. Instead of sounding like an acceptance speech (I can think of one to which he did not hold a candle), it sounded like a State of the Union speech. This speech will not get a bounce, even with the amount of mainstream media slobbering we will likely see.

This convention was not successful for getting new voters on board. Castro's speech was flat, Michelle's speech was phony, Warren/Fluke were mean-spirited, Clinton was long winded and not fully behind the president. Biden did have the best speech in this convention and Barack Obama was empty. Plus, the booing of God was disgraceful, which should and will cast a pall over this Democrat National Convention. Downsizing the venue didn't help much either.

Tomorrow, the August Labor statistics are released and it will be 60 days until the general election. Game on!

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