Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Morning After: 8.1%

As the delegates are waking up, having their hangovers hit them, after a night of celebrating as a result of what they perceive to be a winning last night of the DNC, the news hit them square in the face as they await their TSA patdown at CLT: the labor statistics.

We've seen them cook the books on the unemployment figures again, so the night after Obama speaks and 60 days before the election, you'd figure they'd do it again. This game isn't new - on the surface, they are going to scream praises the U-3 rate fell to 8.1%, yet they leave out the U-6, total unemployment at 14.7%. This is bad, folks.
  • 119,000 fewer Americans working in August
  • 368,000 dropped out of the labor force
  • Labor Participation Rate is 63.5%
These figures totally debunk the lie we heard last night about Obama creating 4.5 million jobs. There are fewer people working since Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009. Mitt Romney and Americans need to ask this president, "Where are the jobs?"

There are two more jobs reports to be released - one after the first debate and one the Friday before the election. A fake October surprise could be in the cards, so be vigilant, my friends, and pray the United States will have Mitt Romney clean up this mess.

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