Sunday, June 24, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Takes Power in Egypt

With the election results announced today in Egypt, the new president has been elected, and he is Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi.

Egyptians seem happy about the electoral results, as evidenced by the celebrating in Cairo's Tarhir Square, but many in America, Israel and around the world are quite wary of what will happen in the future. Some of us fear that with the "Third Government" taking power, history is about to repeat itself. Yes, Morsi was educated in the United States, but some of his statements and speeches are very, very troubling to those in the West. Positions taken by the Muslim Brotherhood from a disregard of the Camp David Accords to what they really think about Israel, are also very troubling and depending on direction in which they guide the Egyptian government and their people, the ramifications of this change can be detrimental.

Egypt is of key geographic and strategic importance to the world because of a population of over 80 million, a strong and American built military, its location which bridges Africa and the Middle East, and the importance of the Suez Canal. We do not know exactly what is going to happen in Egypt, and unfortunately, instability is again, striking this region and country. While the Third Government has come to power, the role of the presidency has changed, the military's role in this new government is still unknown and also the question of whether the economy, specifically tourism, will recover in Egypt is on people's minds.

Again, it is very early, but if this doesn't turn out well, Obama could face the legacy reality of one his predecessors. Whereas Carter lost Iran, Obama lost Egypt.

With the new realities of the this region and the world, "The 'Right' Solutions" prays for Egypt, the Copts, Israel and eventual stability in this region.

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