Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And We Wait...

Washington DC and the United States wait with baited breath as to how the Supreme Court will rule on ObamaCare this Thursday, the last day the court is in session before the summer.

We're seeing all the intimidation from the left; from the President, from Politico, and it's, honestly, rather sickening. The speculation continues and at this date, everything is done; the decision is written. Over the years, the Supreme Court has done a fabulous job with controlling leaks and so far, are continuing that stellar record. With 24 more hours left to speculate, one of three things will happen:
  • The Court will declare ObamaCare Constitutional, upholding the law.
  • The Court will declare ObamaCare Unconstitutional, invalidating the law.
  • The Court will break it up, calling the Individual Mandate Unconstitutional while allowing parts of the law to survive, similar to what was done with SB 1070.
Again, we don't know what the fate will be and we'll all learn at 10AM EDT on Thursday, but there are a few things to figure in that may help those who despise ObamaCare; which is a large number of Americans. First, the Government did a horrible job with oral was completeley laughable. Most importantly, American law operates on analyzing and studying legal precedents. With the cases Carter v. Carter Coal, US v. Lopez and US v. Morrison, the Court has consinstently ruled with regards to the power of Congress and its ability to enforce an individual mandate, as well as its conflict with the Commerce Clause. Therefore, declaring ObamaCare Constitutional would clearly go against precedent and overturn a fairly conrete and consistent pattern of decisions.

The ramifications of this case affect every American and every aspect of American life, as well as the relationship between the American citizen and Federal Government. ObamaCare existing in its current form will have an effect on the number of doctors who wish to enter the practice of medicine, the ability of job creators to create jobs, as well as Americans' access to private health care.

It is my belief and hope that the individual mandate does not stand, as I stand by my earlier 5-4 prediction, and that America will continue to operate in the way we know it. If the mandate is struck down, Congress MUST keep an eye on this president, as I predict him to, again, spit in the face of the Supreme Court. The eyes are on the Supreme Court and we wait until Thursday, 10AM EDT.

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