Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS Declares ObamaCare Constitutional

By now, we know of SCOTUS's decision on ObamaCare.

No surprise, I greatly disagree with this decision. Chief Justice Roberts definition of the mandate as a tax will result in the largest middle class tax cut in American history. What the Supreme Court did today was dangerous and now brings about a new relationship between the American citizen and the Federal Government, as the door has been opened to what can be taxed. We could see taxes on carbon-use and commuting/frequency of driving; who knows what else! And if cases relating to those taxes are brought to the Supreme Court, the ObamaCare decision sets the precedent.

If we remember what happened back in 2010 in both the House and the Senate, the Supreme Court unleashed the TEA Party in this electoral cycle. It now gives them a purpose to get out, show their support for Mitt Romney and vote for him in the fall. This also puts the onus on Mitt Romney to prove to voters why Americans shouldn't just vote against Obama, but for Mitt Romney. He needs to tie ObamaCare into the bigger picture of Barack Obama's servere mismanagement of the economy. That speech given today made me nervous, as he needs to exhibit a lot more passion on the issue, but the power of the TEA Party and the immedidate fundraising efforts of Mitt Romney gives me hope that come November, we, as a country can make the decision, at the polls to make America America again.

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