Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sarah Palin Addresses Right Online

Last night, Sarah Palin addressed the 2012 Right Online Conference in Las Vegas.

Again, another brave and powerful speech by Governor Palin; showing no fear and guts in reminding the attendees of the president's track record; this track record that the "old guard" of the media decided to overlook/not report, so as to allow the president to run from his record and assist him in re-election. She reminds the young conservatives gathered to go around the media, utilize technology the way that Andrew Breitbart did and Matt Drudge does, act as citizen journalists, and give people what they crave from the media: truth, fairness and honesty.

Having previously seen Governor Palin speak, I can tell you this speech is quintessential Sarah and considering the old media will not give this much play, I will provide you that service!

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