Monday, June 18, 2012

Biden's Anti-Working Man Comments

Joe Biden made some interesting comments in Orlando last week.

Listening to these comments, and even after recalling Biden's level of tact, vicious bomb-throwing, being oblivious, humility, as well as his belief of the promotion of stereotypes and promotion of violence to resolve conflicts, I found something very, very strange about them.

As I recall, this was the Vice-President who embraced and fawned all over his Pennsylvania every-man roots throughout the 2008 campaign, using that to get votes, even after the president's gaffe. For Biden to turn his back on what he previously stated about his background raises a lot of questions as to what the real truth is, as well as the level of influence of limousine liberals that seem to be driving Obama's re-election effort.

Biden's comments were said in a contemptuous fashion and should be taken as flat-out insulting by blue collar Americans that work hard and are proud of who they are! So much for the Democrats being the party of the working man. Democrats, through the policies they endorse, exhibit disdain and contempt for the working man. Whether blocking Walmart out of communities where they would do well or not allowing jobs to be created where they would benefit, Democrats criticize their lifestyle and make success more challenging for them, therefore, this November and every election afterwards, Joe Biden's strange abandonment of his blue collar, everyman roots should force blue collar Americans to send the message at the ballot box!

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