Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Sports Fan President?

This proclaimed sports fan who is president just makes it too easy!

We had two incidents this week that showed Barack Obama does not know his audience and probably isn't as big a sports fan as one would think. First in Boston. They love their Red Sox in that city, are passionate about their team, and embrace the lore of the franchise, the ballpark and everything Red Sox. Recently Kevin Youkilis was traded to the White Sox and this White Sox fan, who loves going to Kaminsky Field to see them play, said this:

Yes, those are boos you are hearing. One thing to know is to not mess with a Bostonian's Red Sox; even if they may be Democrats.

Down in Miami, the one area of Florida where he may get some votes, even if Florida will be a red state, he commented on the recently NBA Champion Miami Heat.

Many in Miami were probably surprised to learn that the "Miami Heats" won. This supposed passionate fan of basketball (David Maraniss has some thoughts about this.) doesn't even know the name of an NBA team that will soon come to the White House for a congratulatory ceremony!

In the end, these are just two more examples that show this president cannot relate to Americans, is aloof and stuck in a Capital Beltway mentality. Especially in an election year, it's never good to come off as disinterested, distant and uninformed. Instead of foucusing on health care in these 3 1/2 years, he probably should have worked on some sports trivia to relate to various voters across the country, and instead of golf in his spare time, maybe the president needs to work on his pitch; maybe even ask his predecessor how it's done.

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