Monday, June 25, 2012

The Feds tell AZ to Stick It

Earlier today, the Supreme Court decided on the Arizona Immigration Law, SB 1070. While most of the law was struck down, the "papers" section was not and the Obama Administration sent a message to the state of Arizona.

Janet Napolitano, aka "Big Sis," the former Arizona Governor and current Homeland Security Secretary, in the words of Teresa Heinz Kerry, tells Arizona to "Shove it" and not contact Homeland Security/ICE about it, as they're not taking the call. They've got more important things to worry about! So what if Arizona is overrun with crimes of home invasions, kidnappings and murders related to the number of illegal immigrants within the state. This action continues Obama's pattern of "picking and choosing" the laws he prefers to enforce, while holding grudges against politicians who challenge him. Furthermore, this goes directly against what the Supreme Court ruled, and he, again, spits in the face of this important judicial body.

It is a clear double standard and also shows the hypocrisy with which this administration and its supporters have operated and continue to operate. Had a Republican flipped off the Supreme Court, we'd never hear the end of it! History shows that it doesn't end well for presidents who disrespect the Supreme Court. Obama will continue to do this, especially if the Court goes against ObamaCare, and voters will likely remember his actions when it comes time to go to the polls in November.
UPDATE, 6/25/12, 9:15PM: There's now a hotline in place to intimidate Arizona police from enforcing the law. More thug-like behavior by this president and another shot at SCOTUS!

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