Saturday, June 9, 2012

Private Sector NOT Fine

Safe to say that President Obama had his John Kerry moment yesterday:

Just ask the rising number of Americans out of work, now over 20 million, the private sector is not doing fine, Mr. President, and it's because of your tax and regulation policies that we are in this pickle. The sad fact is that it's the prime working age Americans most hurt by his ideological bend.

The Romney team has been doing some stellar rapid response and continued with it as a result of the president's comments. Obama tried to walk it back a little bit, but this is something that's out there and it's my hope the Romney campaign, as well as the American people will albatross him with these crazy, out of touch comments in the same fashion Bush and Rove did with Kerry as a result of his $87 billion moment.

Only five more months to the election and to remind Americans how this president caused this mess we're in and is so out of touch, he's willing to pull a Frank Drebin by ignoring the problem like nothing is happening, telling Americans to look the other way.

UPDATE, 6/10/12: Kudos to the RNC for their rapid response!

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