Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rapid Response: Liking What I'm Seeing

When I started "The 'Right' Solutions, I spoke about how to combat the pesonal attack and win. In the past couple of weeks, Obama and his minions have attempted to drag Mitt Romney through the mud on Bain, and to quote Charlie Sheen, Romney is "winning"!

Mitt has faced these attacks in the primary and it looks like they're repeating themselves, but thankfully, he has been responding. Even though we've been there, we need to go there again, and along with Cory Booker's honest moment, Mitt Romney is staying on message and while he can go further, I'm happy to see him staying on the offense with these two ads.

I like what I am seeing from Mitt Romney's campaign and I also like the fact that he's keeping his mouth shut when his supporters show no fear. He cannot afford to make the same mistakes he's already made. If we continue to see things like this, it may be a happy November and an even happier four years for the United States.

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