Monday, May 21, 2012

Booker's Backtrack

In the years both have been in power, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker have been fostering a positive working relationship, which has even been spoofed. Last weekend, Booker made an appearance on Meet the Press and made comments that raised the eyebrows of many in both parties.

This is the abbreviated version, bur Cory Booker nailed it on the head! What Cory Booker had was an honest moment and a reminder to his Democrat friends that the attacks on Bain will not work, despite Obama's insistence. Booker can be respected for his honesty, but in the Democrat Party, honesty isn't allowed to exist, instead, the party line must be towed. Safe to say that Booker got a call from either Obama or Axelrod and was given a strong tongue lashing for his comments (or threats to go shopping for a new Senate candidate in 2014). Booker had this to say, in what I call, a hostage video.

I take Cory Booker's first statement as the correct statement. As a mayor who has worked closely with a Republican governor, and has faced the realities of leadership, he is more aware than the president, and was attempting to throw him a lifeline. In response, the president threw Booker an anvil and forced him to backtrack. Booker's comments may have inspired an ad, but the President did not accept this constructive criticism, and in the end, America may very well benefit from Obama's folly.

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