Monday, May 7, 2012

Newt's Departure Paves the Way for Mitt

I may be a little late in writing about this, and no, my fellow readers, it's not sour grapes as to why. What had become inevitable to all Newt supporters, including myself, is that his campaign was coming to an end, and that was made official last week, as he suspended his campaign.

Before Iowa, I officially endorsed Newt to gain the Republican nomination and after what looked like a sputter, we saw a surge, yet he was caught off-guard by Mitt Romney's attacks in Iowa. While he responded as he deemed appropriate, that response did not play well. Again, he roared back and won South Carolina, yet the Republican establishment severely turned on him as Florida approached, contributing to Romney's win in the Sunshine State. He may have won Georgia, but Newt never fully recovered. He put up a good fight, articulated his big ideas, taught Americans that Conservatism is a movement and made Republicans/Conservatives proud.

We here at "The 'Right' Solutions" thank him for his service, his contribution to the primary season, and for helping to make Mitt Romney, the eventual nominee, a much stonger candidate than he was prior to the primary season.

It is now time to put our differences as a party, aside, yes, I know I've said it's not always the easiest rallying point, and unite behind the eventual candidate in Mitt Romney so that he may defeat Barack Obama and we, the voters, can have our say in not only saving the United States, but putting her back on the path to prosperity!

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