Thursday, May 31, 2012

John Edwards Walks

The John Edwards verdict was read today and no surprise, he walked; acquitted on one count and hung jury on the remaining five.
As goes in any criminal trial, the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and while there were many hard hits on the Edwards character, as well as cell phone records alluding to knowledge, but the fact that there was no declaration by the prosecution's witnesses that they stated Edwards knew he was violating the law. It made it that much easier for the defense to poke holes in the case against Edwards.

Something about the prosecution of this case did not seem right and for a while, I was vacillating between incompetence and sticking up for one of their own. In the end, I believe both played a role. First, incompetence. To not prove that one point caused the prosecution's case to fail. A few months ago, we saw that incompetence in full form when the government attempted to defend ObamaCare in front of the Supreme Court. It got so bad that Elana Kagan was trying to throw the Solicitor General a lifeline!

On many occasions, we've heard about the explanation by Codevila and Rush Limbaugh of the ruling class, how they protect each other and others like them. Sadly, this Justice Department puts politics and ruling class connections above everything else, as we have seen time and time again. Even though he is thought of as persona non-grata by many in the Democrat Party, he's still a member of the ruling class and do not forget that!

After everything is done, it is very likely the government will not retry the case, for both the reasons why the prosecution lost, which I explained above, and I believe Republicans and Democrats alike will hope the comments Edwards made do not hold true, and instead, he quietly goes away.

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