Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Don't Count Your Chickens...

The picture above (taken at Chris Christie's 2009 Victory Party) is one every Republican is loves seeing and will hope to see on November 6, 2012. Things are looking good, but I must say, not so fast, and tell my Republican friends to not count your chickens before they hatch!

In the wake of Obama's push flip-flop to gain the support of gay-friendly fundraisers, Mitt Romney has done a good job of staying on message. One week later, it is starting to show in various polling; whether in North Carolina, among women, state-by-state or in an "uncontested" primary in Arkansas. While these numbers are good, it is, by no means, fait accompli as to what will happen in November, and I am slightly troubled by this poll.

I make it no secret that I was troubled, during the primary about some of Romney's challenges as a candidate; be it perceived level of conservatism, a questionable ability to campaign with no fear . In the months he had to compete for the nomination, some of these challenges have been addressed and corrected, but I have some advice for Romney and his people, so we don't see other polls like the CNN/Gallup poll to which I linked, or heaven forbid, the results of that poll become reality. If he and the Republicans want to win this thing, (most of America, believe it or not, wants him to win this thing) Mitt Romney must not get complacent, cocky or arrogant in his campaigning. He must campaign like he's the underdog, he must campaign like it's the 4th quarter and he's trailing by two touchdowns. He must also overcome a hostile and dishonest media. But most importantly, he must stay on message, he must stay on offense, he must articulate conservatism and he must campaign with no fear. Much value will be placed on his Vice-Presidential pick and that could very well determine the strength or weakness of the final two months.

November is a long way off, but if these tidbits of advice are followed, it will be a much easier path to November for the Republican, and a much better four years for America!

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