Monday, May 7, 2012

Hollande has Taken Over France

Watching what is happening in France, the punchline of that title follows in this fashion: "the Dutch are the only people who haven't accomplished that feat."
For the second time in French history, an unavowed Socialist has won the presidential election, as Francois Hollande has unseated incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy. Hollande clearly appealed to the "gimme stuff" crowd and that paid off in his benefit.

Currently Europe is razzing the austerity crew, thinking their Keynesian gravy train can continue into the 21st century. Greece, Italy and Spain are proof that it cannot, and when we see some "Atlas Shrugging" taking place within France, it will be detrimental not just to their economy, but all of Europe, when one of Europe's largest economy collapses. For now, we have to hope Great Britain and Germany can hold back the dam.

Do not think Obama is not watching what is going on in France, looking to see how he can use France as a model to give bribe Americans into voting for him to win another term. We're already starting to see him plan out his pandering and many Americans are striken with fear when they think about his potential to give bribe Americans (with) stuff.

The group that should be most closely watching the election in France is the American voter, as they have seen this experiment in the United States fail miserably in the past three years! Obama gave away the farm and it did nothing to improve the economy or employment situation; it only made it worse. He has refused common sense Conservative solutions to clean up his own mess. It's up to the voters to elect someone to clean up this mess, while, at the same time, not allowing Europe's 21st century problems to come to the New World.

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