Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't Super Size Me

Just ask any Atlantan: Coca-Cola is bigger than life! It's always been the company that has been viewed as the king of worldwide marketing. Looks like Coca-Cola and other companies like it are not as popular in New York City.

Mayor King Michael Bloomberg is back to his nanny-state, make sure we eat right ways by now decreeing that sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces shall be banned from being sold in New York City. Soda falls into this category, as will any sugary drink such as a Big Gulp or a Frappucino. He thinks he should take a role in determining what you consume, as he knows better because he's Mayor King and he's trying to help you be a better person. I guess he thinks that people can't do basic math and won't just order two eight ounce drinks. And will the environmentalists like the extra trash this stupid regulation will create?
It looks like there has been some blowback as a result of Mayor King Bloomberg's decree and if I was the Mayor King, I'd be more worried about OWS rubes, quality of life issues and crime. It's a shame Bloomberg doesn't have his priorities right and we all say thank goodness New York City will have a new leader in 2014!

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