Friday, May 4, 2012

Veterans Respond to the Football Spike

The men and women who choose to fight for the United States of America are heroes; each and every one of them. They should be honored and revered in every way possible in our society. Whether a "Thank you for your service to our country," (and this was done well over 30 times in my visit to the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery last week) or a donation to a military organization, every little bit helps.

What this president did this week dishonored SEAL Team 6 and the entire United States Military. They were the ones on the front lines risking their lives and for their sacrifice to be minimized or re-written, is a shameful action of low character.

A veterans group has responded with this ad.

The ad is very effective and hits the point home that the military should not be forgotten, but honored for their sacrifice. Nearly seven years later, a passage from Oliver North's The Assassins still stays in my head and heart, which describes the definition of a hero.
"Heroes are people who do things for others at great personal risk-and expect nothing in return. Real heroes...are selfless...(they) put themselves in danger to help others-not themselves...and whether they succeed or fail, real heroes inspire others to do better by their do try harder."
May God Bless the United States Military for their sacrifice and service, for the cause of freedom.

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