Thursday, May 17, 2012

Obama's Past in the Election of 2012

With the release and information in Edward Klein's book, the new Wright tapes that have been released, the "born in Kenya bio" and the testing of the waters by a GOP SuperPAC, questions of Barack Obama's past are coming up and whether they are fair game in 2012.

Let's face it; these are questions John McCain should have brought up in 2008. He didn't, as I believe he had a false fear of being perceived a racist; the same reasons that Hillary went easy on him in 2008. In backing up his stance, McCain repudiated those who did, he bumbled the end of his campaign and even the powerhouse of Sarah Palin couldn't help him to overcome the loss to Obama.

Obama is now president, he now has a record; a record which he is trying to run away from. This is very telling and I believe Romney's campaign must exploit it. Romney is smart to focus on the economy, and should also be articulating conservatism, but what he did today in response to the SuperPAC was not smart. Technically, the campaign and SuperPACs are not to coordinate, so why bother! Second, the SuperPAC is trying to HELP Romney and they will do so by (a) allowing him to stay above the fray and (b) stay on economic message. Also, the SuperPACs were created out of the Citizens United decision, which evened the playing field for Republicans, and if they want to spend that much money to express their First Amendment right, what right does the Romney campaign have to stop him! This is also a teachable moment to the SuperPACs, reminding them to not float anything they are planning, but instead, just do it. If they do, they win with the element of surprise; just as Swift Vets for Truth did in 2004, taking the sails out of Kerry's campaign.

We know that Obama and his campaign will try to drag Romney through the mud-they already have. There is nothing wrong with allies of Romney responding and if I'm the Republican, I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Romney's chances are looking better, but if he says things like this, he could very well snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

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