Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hillary Chatter Continues

Obama really wants to win in November and he's looking for anything to help. Chatter among Washington is that the savior is Hillary Clinton; dumping Biden and putting her on the presidential ticket.
We've heard it many times before, and we're seeing the push for it, but I tell you what: I don't see this as a marriage made in heaven-no way, no how!

Yeah, Biden is buffoonish and says stupid things-he did it when campaigning and he did it as VP. Some are saying this pattern is damaging to the president, but I don't think the president minds, as with his clearly narcissistic manner, he has to think he's the smartest guy in the room and Biden clearly allows him to think that. Hillary is a threat to the president in that fashion; he knows it, Michelle knows it, Valerie Jarrett knows it. Sure, there's the "friends close, enemies closer" argument, but this is way too close for this president, as he wants her nowhere near his spotlight.

Let's face it folks, this Democrat dream will never become reality, but what will be is Hillary running in 2016, and this time, if she wants it (which I believe she does) no unknown entity, no governor and no current Vice President will stand in her way!

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