Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ignorant Educators in the Classroom

Watch this video and try not to be as angry as I was when I saw it:

This teacher, Tanya Dixon-Neeley from North Rowan High School in North Carolina, flipped out at her students who attempted to challenge her ridiculous premise. So much wrong with what that teacher did!
  • She is using her opinion as fact
  • She is not allowing her students the opportunity to express their disagreement
  • She is not allowing "Evaluation" (the highest level of thinking on the Blooms Taxonomy scale) to take place
Seeing this video makes me angry as there are so many good teachers who cannot find jobs in this current economy and it makes me come to the conclusion that reforms MUST take place on who gets in the classroom
  • Those who hire in school districts should have training in HR...most are former teachers who have who tend to overlook (or may not know) what makes a good teacher or good employee, and therefore, hire the wrong individual who isn't suited for the job
  • Conflict(s) of interest should not come into an employment decision
  • Those who hire MUST hire the teacher that will most benefit their students and think less about their budget, their friends or their political allies
  • Teachers who attempt to indoctrinate should be more easily removed from the classroom.
The fact that this took place is very unfortunate, kudos to the students who recorded this and as long as it doesn't conflict with two party consent laws, students SHOULD hit the record button if they think something regarding their teachers' behavior is not right.

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