Thursday, May 10, 2012

Left Writing the Script for the Next "War"

At the beginning of this campaign season, Obama and the Democrats set out to raise one billion dollars in campaign cash. Five months into 2012, that goal is likely to not be met, the president is speaking to half-empty basketball arenas and it seems that the pizazz and lore of 2008 is not there. What is a president to do?!?

What this president has done is to attempt to run from his record; the horrible economic and employment record, along with the record where he is facilitating a greater Federal Government influence in American life. In running from his record, he has accused the Republicans of starting "wars" on various segments of American population. First, we've had the Republican War on Women, then the Republican War on Hispanics and then the Republican War on African Americans. It looks like we are now going to have the Republican War on Homosexuals.

Last weekend, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Meet the Press, stating how he is comfortable with gay marriage, in clear conflict with the President's views he expressed in 2004 and 2008. Other members of the administration like Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, agree with Biden. After a few days of waffling and knowing that he is feeling pressure from those within his party, gay rights groups and the holding back of campaign donations from wealthy gay rights supporters, Obama decided to take the position he held while an Illinois State Senator; showing his support for gay marriage, claiming he "evolved" on the issue. And according to his comments, he still supports the rights of states, so outside of his personal opinion, the legal position of the United States likely won't be changing anytime soon. Apparently, political evolution to Obama takes place in 3 1/2 years, as opposed to 20+ years, shown clearly by Ronald Reagan.

This president is all over the place on the issue and he is clearly using it to galvanize homosexual Americans to support him, as many in the Democrat base, along with Independents, are turning the other way. He sees their support more important than his base, African-Americans, and is clearly taking them for granted, considering a majority of them do not support gay marriage. Furthermore, he is fracturing his support in the Latino community, another group also not supportive of gay marriage. Leaders like Allen West, Tim Scott (who I met and walked away very impressed), Star Parker, Marco Rubio and Susanna Martinez should be speaking out, reminding Americans how Obama takes for granted these voting blocs and how they are suffering, as a result of his stewardship of the economy. This change of heart decision by Obama is clearly tranparent and while many Americans will likely see through it, the first shots of this Republican War, by Democrats, are being fired. Apparently, it has now come out that Mitt Romney, as a high school student, bullied a student who was perceived to be gay. These accusers just so happen to lean Democrat. Like the other wars, these accusations and attacks likely won't stick, and there is also the chance that Obama, by his comments, can further galvanize Conservatives and religious organizations to oppose him in 2012, as had been done in North Carolina, so it remains to be seen how successful this new "front against the Republicans" will be.

It's still a long way to November, but I do not believe Obama helped himself. While he stroked his massive ego, by gaining support and commendation around the world, he created more problems for himself in November, and they will become more apparent if the Republicans properly respond, allowing a greater chance for Americans to question the leadership, decision making skills and effectiveness of President Obama.

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