Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Election Results Going Against the Media's Narrative

Considering the candidates in November are fait accompli, many in the US do not know there were significant primaries in some very important states yesterday.

First, the big news out of Indiana. Long time Senator Richard Lugar lost in a primary to challenger and TEA Party endorsed candidate Mourdock. Lugar has been in the Senate since 1976 and has taken positions where many perceive him to be a RINO Senator (AKA Republican In Name Only). Mourdock, on the other hand, was under-funded yet still prevailed.

For weeks on end, we've been hearing, from the media, that with the eventual nomination of Mitt Romney, the TEA Party, in Republican circles, is dead. In adhering to that narrative, what they fail to mention is that the other Republican candidates, all good in their own way, were not able to unite the TEA Party behind them. Not only for perceived strengths and weaknesses, but the sheer number of candidates in the primary. This Republican primary in Indiana proves that theory wrong, as Mourduck, the underfunded challenger with a more conservative record who has grassroots support can still defeat a long-time incumbent. Obama won Indiana by the slimmest of margins in 2008 and will not win there in 2012, when one examines the position of the voters and the amount of Republican Congressional gains in 2010 within Indiana. Therefore, things are looking good in the Hoosier State.

North Carolina, in 2012, is going to be a very important state in the election. For a few months, I have been believing that the state is win-or-die for the Republican and that the urban areas in the Research Triangle (Raleigh-Durham) and Charlotte are going to be the difference between red or blue. It was a close win by the president and he knows he needs to keep the Tarheel State in his column, hence holding the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, but there were developments yesterday that put the state more in play that I had originally believed.

In North Carolina's Primary yesterday, Republicans and Conservatives showed up at the polls in droves. Not only did Romney win, but the Gay Marriage Amendment was approved, going against the grain of the direction which many in Obama's Administration have been leaning. Furthermore, Obama in his primary within the state, although unopposed, lost 20 percent of Democrats! Both these poll results prove that Republicans, Conservative and Moderate Democrat voters in North Carolina still exist, and that the transplants in the Research Triangle, Charlotte and their metropolitan areas who may lean Democrat, will not guarantee a blue state to the President in November.

And severely under-reported are the primary results for President Obama; not just in North Carolina. Yes, he is running unopposed, but Democrats are not voting for him, even going so far, in West Virginia, as to vote for a convict, who, believe it or not, has won delegates! This president is clearly in deep trouble and we may be seeing the setup for the possibility of him being landslideable, but that will clearly be up to the Republican running and the Republican Party. Will they take advantage of the opportunities given to them? Will they campaign with no fear? Will they not shy away from articulating Conservatism? Will they expose the lies in the media through their campaigning?

The media is trying to paint the narrative that Obama is a shoe-in for re-election, the voters are leaning to the left and that the Republicans are weak, incompetent and backwards. Yesterday's results prove otherwise, but it is up to the Republicans, through their campaigning and through teachable moments, to paint the real picture in the time left to November 6th. Despite the good news for Republicans, it's still too early to tell. November may be six months away, but in the world of politics and a mainstream media heavily towing the line for Obama, six months is a lifetime!

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