Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Arkansas and Kentucky: What the Media Won't Tell You

Despite the fact that the general election candidates are known, the primaries continue on. As President Obama is running unopposed, you'd think that would be smooth sailing for him. Think again, political observers.

In Arkansas and Kentucky, Obama lost around 40% of the Democrat vote! On the ballot in Arkansas was a fairly unknown candidate named John Wolfe, and in Kentucky, no candidate, but the choice "uncommitted." Apparently, the Obama campaign had to unexpectedly put campaign resources into Arkansas!

Unless you live in Arkansas or Kentucky, you will have to look hard to find these stories, as they do not fit into the media's narrative on the president that the party and country are united behind him to serve another four years. These results tell political observers that the president is so unpopular in the South that Democrats will vote for unknowns, stay home or vote "uncommitted" rather than vote for him. Furthermore, Southern states that Obama won in 2008 make be a bit more challenging come November. He has to work hard to pull together the coalition that sent in to the White House in 2008.

This should also tell Mitt Romney that the president is weaker than the media perceives him to be and the onus is on him to have no fear in raising questions about the president, explain to voters why Obama is a failure, articulate conservatism and use this campaign as a teachable moment that embracing conservatism will get this country out of the mess that Obama gave us.

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