Thursday, May 24, 2012

Liberal War on Conservative Women Continues

The picture above is of me with S.E. Cupp, who I had the pleasure of seeing in Puerto Rico last year at the Young Republican National Convention. Having previously met S.E. Cupp, as well as following her career and reading her books, I have gained a great respect for her as a successful Gen-X Conservative and was absolutely sickened by what I saw this week, as the left continues to fight a war on Conservative women.

Hustler Magazine printed a disgusting, doctored picture of her for no other reason than that she is a Conservative and they disagree with her. As it looks now, there is no legal recourse for Hustler and the president has not called her to apologize, like he has other "wronged women." In an interview with Glenn Beck, Cupp gave a unique perspective, stating that Hustler has been "real" in its contempt for conservative women, as opposed to other media outlets who hide behind objectivity.

In another shot fired, an AFL-CIO leader decided to post a video of her smashing, with a bat, a pinata of South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley. This act promotes violence against women and could provoke followers to committing violent acts against those with whom they disagree. Haley has given a strong response to this incident and is even using it to help with her fundraising; also a unique way of responding.

Liberals are writing the script for a Conservative War on Women, but they are actually the ones bringing the war to Conservative women! These two incidents build on what they have already done to demean, intimidate and discourage Conservative women from publicly articulating their positions. The double standard is absolutely transparent and atrocious; and had Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi or Michelle Obama been one of the women attacked, we'd be hearing about it non-stop.

I won't be holding my breath for Hustler or the AFL-CIO leader to apologize, just has I haven't waited in for NOW to defend the likes of Sarah Palin, Meg Whitman or Michele Bachmann. Americans must be able to see through the double standards and phony defenses of attacks put out there against Conservative women!

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