Thursday, May 3, 2012

Freedom Rising

Earlier this week, One World Trade Center, known also as the Freedom Tower, has reached 100 floors, gaining the new title of being the tallest building in New York City!
For the years since September 11, it has pained me to see that bare spot in the sky and when driving down the helix toward the Lincoln Tunnel, I have a clear reminder of it. For the first time last year, 1WTC began to rise above the others. Throughout the construction, I continued to document its rise and it warms my heart to see it get taller and taller every time.

It's better late than never that we have reached this point, and this milestone is clear evidence that America will not be kept down and while it may take some time, she will remember, recover and rise.

NOTE: The above picture was taken by me in an early February 2012 visit to the National September 11th Memorial.

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