Sunday, June 17, 2012

100 Rounds of Presidential Golf

Despite what the White House may release, Barack Obama likes to golf. To play a full 18 holes and include the motorcade to and from the links, it's about a five hour ordeal.

Just this weekend, Obama completed his 500th hour playing golf; now holding the distinction of playing golf 100 times as president. Considering it takes so much time to participate in that 18 hole fun, as well as the fact that Obama claims he's really busy and has a lot of responsibilities, you'd think he'd pass on the links in the same fashion that George W. Bush did, who felt it was inappropriate to be on the links while men and women who wear the uniform are serving abroad in battle.

This is just another example to show that this president is out of touch with Americans who are struggling with a horrible economy, unnecessarily high unemployment numbers and being forced to sit on the sidelines for what should be the more productive years of their working-age. Democrats have tried to paint Republicans this way, but go running for the hills when their guy is. Those three months Obama spent on the links could have been spent working with Congress to come up with a solution to unemployment and the economic challenges, or deciding on a path that would benefit the American people as opposed to his and his party's political life.

In the campaign this fall, I am sure that Obama's golf game is fair game, and I hope the Republicans agree with me.

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